• Mass Violence

    Mass Violence in Schools, Universities, Cinemas and Nightclubs

    Violence across America's campuses and entertainment venues has shaken the very core of our country. Through the years, Rhonda T. Stark has discussed these atrocities in depth on television and radio stations around the world. Topics include:

    • Psychological Analysis of the nightclub shooter who Killed 49, including what his history revealed about his mental health - Orlando, FL
    • Analysis of Elliot Rodger's 140 page manifesto-memoir and an evaluation of the shooter - University of California Santa Barbara Campus
    • Gaining understanding in the midst of discrepancies and chaos - Ferguson, MO
    • Helping Parents Send Their Children back to American Schools - Newtown, CT
    • What to Tell Your Children Happened This Weekend - Newtown, CT
    • 911 Tapes - Should You Listen to Them? - Newtown, CT
    • Psychological Background of the Shooter - Newtown, CT
    • Analyzing Alex Hribal Stabbing Suspect - Franklin Regional School
    • The Psychology of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin - Sanford, FL
    • The Deep, Dark Mental Health History of the Cinema Shooter - Aurora, CO
    • Vester Lee Flanagan - What Caused Him to Murder Two Ex-coworkers on air?
    • History of Schizophrenia in family of 12-year-old knifing of friend in the Slenderman Follower case
    • Finalizing a Lifetime of violence and anger - Brinsley commits a final act of mental illness and kills Officers Ramos and Liu - Brooklyn, NY
  • Terrorism & Homeland Security

    In-depth look at Terrorism and Homeland Security in the U.S.

    Terrorism in our country, as well as that of the rest of the world, has had a great impact on society today, and the digital age we live in makes it that much easier to escalate its impact. Rhonda's topics on this subject matter include:

    • Growth of Terrorism is not a Random Happening - Understanding the senior human resource strategies and the sophisticated psychological components of the ISIS recruitment process of Westerners
    • Online Terror Recruitment Videos - Intensive analysis of the superior human resource strategies in online terror recruitment videos. The unique roles of "We're looking for, "portrayals of finding brotherhood," genuine touch and "leaving the mundane life"
    • Respect for Religions - Teaching genuine respect for all religions and pious leaders; reflection on peaceful interactions
    • Teenagers and Young Adults - FBI Chief reports that terrorists are using social media to broadcast propaganda and then directing messages to cellphones of disturbed youths. An educational must for parents
    • Manners for Life - How to host a dinner for a Christian friend that includes a Muslim guest
    • Religion and Today's Youth - Teaching our children respect and peaceful interaction with people of other religions
    • San Bernardino Slaughter - The killing of 14 co-workers at a San Bernardino holiday party. A closer look at the couple
    • Je Suis Charlie - The psychological de-escalation of terrorism through President Obama's controversial choice not to attend the Unity March
    • Security vs Politics - Evaluating sensitive security information in political issues
    • A Study in Psychology - The psychology of terrorism and homeland security
    • Terrorism in the Sky - Airport terrorism, Flight Disappearances, pilot suicides and travel fears
  • Terror in the Sky

    Airport Terrorism, Flight Disappearances, Pilot Suicides and Travel Fears

    As terrorism on airplanes escalates, so does our fear of flying. Rhonda T. Stark discusses all of this and more in the following segments:

    • Malaysia Air Disappearance - A psychoanalysis of the pilots of the missing Malaysia Air MH370 airplane which held 239 passengers on March 8, 2014.
    • Suicide Crash by German Pilot - The deliberate suicide crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 in the French Alps by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz. Identifying unsafe mental issues in pilots
    • Commercial Airline Pilot Screening - A discussion of current psychological screenings or the lack thereof for commercial airline pilots
    • Prepare Yourself - What flyers should do to prepare for a long flight after a recent airline issue
    • Terrorist Profiles - The Profile of a terrorist, according to the Sensitive Security Information Training Guide by the Board for Certification in Homeland Security. How this can help ease travel fears
  • 2020 Election

    The 2020 Election and the Psychology of Trending Political Issues

    As Election 2016 marches on, the stakes get higher for both parties, the language gets harsher and the voters are left to figure out what it all means for them. Rhonda's non-partisan segments on this topic include:

    • Republican Primary Psychology - What is the strength of a psychological connection to a candidate who survived the 2016 Republican Primary storm?
    • Trump & Parenting - The one psychological train most Trump supporters possess: a preference for authoritative parenting
    • Analyzing the Primary Debates - From tie color selection to non-verbal messages: 93% of the true dynamic
    • Parenting Through the 2020 Election - Telling our children how not to act
  • Trauma Today

    PTSD, First Responder Issues ∓ Help for Survivors

    In-depth segments on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in returning veterans, current issues of New York City's 911 first responders and help for all national trauma survivors include:

    • The Real Experience of NYC 911 First Responders - Today's perspective on their experience and a discussion of what the public doesn't see
    • Cancer & the First Responders - How is the increased prevalence of cancer in 911 first responders being addressed? What mental health treatment should medical victims of 911 also seek years later?
    • Increase in deaths among First Responders - How are the victims of 911 processing the increase in deaths amongst fellow first responders, 15 years after the fact?
    • 911 Counseling Techniques - A discussion of techniques used in counseling 911 survivors with multiple medical-related concerns and fears of his/her own early death. Includes parents who now have children and teenagers
    • Alcohol & Trauma Survivors - What counselors need to know about the role of alcohol when working with severe trauma survivors, such as those from 911
    • The Challenges of Adjusting to Civilian Life - The severe effects of PTSD from multiple deployments
    • Medications from a Psychological Perspective - Information for counselors concerning medications readily prescribed during deployments and the physiological situations returning veterans may face when dealing with stress and anxiety today
    • Pain Medication & PTSD - The role of past or present pain medication in relation to the treatment of a veteran suffering from PTSD
    • Trash & PTSD - Why roadside trash, including fast food bags, cups or soda cans, is often a strong PTSD trigger for returning veterans who have had multiple deployments
    • Triggers of PTSD - An in-depth look at the most common triggers for a returning veteran who has PTSD
    • IED & the Treatment of PTSD - IEDs create a new dimension in the treatment of PTSD in returning veterans. The role IEDs play in the increase of civilian life triggers
    • Spouses & PTSD - What should a young wife know when her military husband returns from service and has been diagnosed with PTSD?
    • Trauma in the Aftermath of Pulse Nightclub Shooting - How will the families who lost a loved one in the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL deal with issues of trauma?
    • Predictors of PTSD - A discussion of the predictors of who will get PTDS when exposed to a national tragedy
    • Incarceration & PTSD - Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi's PTSD following his release from a Mexican jail after 214 days
    • PTSD & Wounded Warriors - So prevalent in our wounded veterans, yet so under provided for in health care
    • The American Sniper Trial - What the verdict revealed about societal expectations of the mentally ill
    • Research Trends - Current research in the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience and Pediatrics
  • Parenting

    Parenting in 2016 & Beyond

    Parenting in today's world is far different than it was in previous generations. In these segments, Rhonda addresses the difficult matters that may affect your children:

    • Praise & Children Today - Parents who praise their toddler's efforts more than they praise them as a person develop a child with a more positive approach to challenging situations
    • The Bullying Effect - A look at the effect of bullying on children's long-term health
    • Language & Kids - Why talking to infants and children really matters
    • The Video Games Effect - Behavior in the real world and how video games effect them
    • Health & Fitness - How health and fitness habits can predict overall health and fitness 18 years later
    • Children's Questions & Politics - Answering your child when he/she asks, "Mommy, where is the fiscal cliff located?"
    • Free-Range Child Rearing - An analysis of free-range child rearing practices in light of Maryland's Danielle and Alexander Meitiv
    • Getting Along with Others - Helping our children get along well with others the new school year
    • The Government Shutdown - Explaining the partial government shutdown to children
    • Unrealized Dreams Among Parents - A psychological perspective of parents who want their son or daughter to fulfill their own unrealized dreams
    • Mass Shootings & Kids - How to discuss mass shootings with elementary-aged children
  • Offering Comfort

    Comforting our Country after a Traumatic National Event

    Traumatic national events have a grave impact on society from a psychological perspective. Self-treatment of public anxiety topics by Rhonda include:

    • Public Places Aftermath - What should a person do the next time he/she goes to the same venue that a tragedy occurred such as the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL?
    • Emergency Procedures & Children - Why is it essential to teach children who are old enough to walk alone to a restaurant restroom or shop alone in a mall about "emergency procedures"
    • Mass Shootings & Children - Why is it imperative to instruct children what to do in case of a mass shooting
    • Tragedies & Young Children - Following a tragedy, why should children ages 3-10 be advised that "the event is over now", "it happened at 9 am yesterday", "everything is safe now" and "look on this map/globe - that is where the event occurred."
    • Education Before Tragedy Strikes - The importance of identification of multiple exits and sites for reuniting
    • Keeping Calm - A parent's heart rate, blood pressure, sweat levels and sense of certainty matters tremendously when assisting children after a traumatic event
  • Other Top Stories

    Topical Subject Matters Offered by Rhonda T. Stark

    Noted news analyst Rhonda T. Stark offers a host of segments and analysis such as:

    • Young Survivors - 7-year-old Sailor Guzzler survived the Kentucky plane crash that killed her family. A discussion of the psychological survival skills of this miracle child.
    • Ovulation & Women - Women's behavior toward others during ovulation is different
    • Human Memory - The human memory, of what we hear, is weaker than what we see or feel
    • Statistics & Conversion Disorders - Using Statistics to ponder the improbability of 15 LeRoy, NY teenage girls from having Tourettes, despite physiological TICS. Could all have failed to consider the high chance that these are Conversion Disorder cases?
    • The anxiety of ZIKA - Addressing 9 Florida ZIKA cases and the anxiety in regards to pregnancy
    • Ebola Concerns - What is real and what is not. What about the residents of Tallmadge, OH and those who visited the same bridal shop that the victim did?
    • Concussions and Mental Health - A discussion of the OSU Football Player and Wrestler, Kosta Karageorge's suicide
    • NFL Concussion Settlement - A discussion of the NFL concussion settlement proposal and Information for parents of child athletes